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Healthy Eating, Physical Activity, and Healthy Weights in Black Communities: Key Messages

There is an urgent need to address diet, physical activity, and weight issues that affect the health of children and adults in the U.S. The need is particularly serious in Black communities because the number of people affected is so high. AACORN’s top priority is developing strategies to support healthy eating, physical activity, and healthy weights in Black communities. The network’s communications are based on the best available public health data and research results relevant to Black communities. They are updated as new evidence emerges.

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Targeting Food and Beverage TV Ads at Minority and Low Income Children. A Research Brief. The African American Collaborative Obesity Research Network in partnership with Bridging the Gap. October 2014.

Obesity prevalence and related health burdens are greater among U.S. racial/ethnic minority and low-income populations. Targeted advertising may contribute to disparities. Designated market area (DMA) spot television ratings were used to assess geographic differences in child/adolescent exposure to food-related advertisements based on DMA-level racial/ethnic and income characteristics. Controlling for unobserved DMA-level factors and time trends, child/adolescent exposure to food-related ads, particularly for sugar-sweetened beverages and fast-food restaurants, was significantly higher in areas with higher proportions of black children/adolescents and lower-income households. Geographically targeted TV ads are important to consider when assessing obesity-promoting influences in black and low-income neighborhoods.

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