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AACORN | African American Collaborative Obesity Network

6th AACORN National Workshop

Join us in Charlotte, North Carolina for AACORN's 6th National Workshop!  August 13-15, 2014

                                                                                                                                                                            Theme:  Bridging Communication Gaps to Achieve Healthy Weight in Black Communities


  1. Identify communication strategies to reach diverse audiences, including policy makers, employers, community leaders, advocates and community members with evidence about obesity in black communities, including information on health effects, and potential solutions
  2. Develop potential best practices to enhance the ability of academic and community-based researchers and advocates to use these communication strategies


Why You Should Attend?

AACORN's national workshops have initiated a tradition of "out-of-the-box" thinking about how to understand and address obesity and related health disparities in African American communities. By attending this workshop you will be embarking on a 2.5 day journey that can have a major impact on the design and dissemination of appropriate and persuasive messages about nutrition, physical activity, and weight issues in black communities.

All workshop participants will have opportunities to:

  • Build and strengthen a network of colleagues and potential partners
  • Share experiences and learn from others
  • Obtain guidance from experts in media and communications

Additional benefits for participants from academic institutions or research organizations may include:

  • Making connections to facilitate career development
  • Learning about research trends, publications, and  resources
  • Presenting original research related to the workshop theme
  • Generating ideas for articles, books, and/or other potential publications

Additional benefits for participants from community-based organizations or academic-community partnerships may include:

  • Learning about research findings that can guide community programming or support advocacy
  • Identifying opportunities to engage in research  that benefits black communities
  • Generating ideas for community projects
  • Providing critical input to researchers about ways that research findings can be made meaningful to community members


Who Will Be There?

The workshop will engage approximately 100 diverse participants including academic researchers, leaders from community-based organizations, lay community members, journalists, business owners, faith-based leaders, health care providers, members from civil rights groups and professional societies, and representatives from government agencies.


We very much hope that you can join us!

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