African American Collaborative Obesity Research Network
Center for Clinical Epidemiology & Biostatistics
University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
8th Floor Blockley Hall
Philadelphia, PA 19104

AACORN | African American Collaborative Obesity Network

Our Goals

As part of the Network's 2007 strategic planning process and capacity development activities, four interrelated goals were identified to provide the framework for AACORN's research agenda.


  1. Foster "solution-oriented"ยน research to address obesity and weight related health issues in African American communities.
  2. Provide a unique source of peer support, career coaching, research training and direction for early-career scholars and research trainees.
  3. Influence policy in the area of public health care research and delivery, as they relate to obesity and chronic diseases.
  4. Develop sustainable community-based networks for participatory research.

1 "Solution-oriented" is an alternative approach that complements the more typical, "problem-oriented" research by conceptualizing research questions and designing studies in ways that make the results more relevant to policy and practice and generates them in a more timely manner. See Robinson, TN, Sirard JR. Preventing childhood obesity: a Solution-oriented research paradigm. Am J Prev Med. 2005;28(2 Supp 2):194-201.

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